Tipper is not just a tipping platform- it’s an employee benefit and a culture enhancement.

These days, employees want more than just a paycheck. They want a suite of benefits that help mold an enticing culture for them to come to each day.

And the right culture identifies what stresses employees out the most and then helps address those issues.

In the hospitality industry, personal debt and lower wages is front and center. Recognition and feeling valued is right up there too.

You think you had it bad professionally over the past few years? Try talking to a hotel worker.

And we did just that. We spoke and more importantly listened to so many.

And out of that came Tipper.

Because by implementing us, you help your employees have a better chance of making more money and more importantly, you give them an opportunity to be recognized by the people they help each and every day.

More money and more recognition?

Yea, Tipper’s got you covered.