At Tipper, we’re so interested in learning about what companies implement to enhance the employee experience.

That’s right- the employee experience, not the customer one.

In the age of the great resignation, companies need to rightfully focus on their employees more and make their experience one that they want to keep coming back to each and every day.

There are many ways to accomplish this but one is through showing your appreciation to your staff.

That’s where Tipper comes in.

Bringing our platform to your company not only gives your staff a better chance at making more tips, but they get to see that you care about them by being tech forward and employee conscious.

With detailed reports at the end of the day showing how much they made in tips and the reviews that were left, they’ll be more motivated to be more engaged and provide the best service possible.

Dealing with less engaged staff or a staff shortage?

Tipper is here to help.

Contact us at to help increase your employee retention.